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May 2018

Last month's work with the Tower card has us feeling a little vulnerable as we enter the month of May, and this month's theme card of the reversed World indicates this is all still a work in progress. Whenever we invite great change into our lives, we must also allow time to adjust -- time to turn attention back to areas of life that have been temporarily neglected. With this new theme card, the focus is on realignment and completion. Each week this month gives us an opportunity to build on the last as we strive for the ultimate achievement of balance. Explore the full reading here.

This month I'll be reading with the Deviant Moon Tarot deck, the strange and wonderful creation of artist Patrick Valenza, originally released in 2008 by US Games. Dramatic, moon-faced characters play out versions of traditional Tarot symbolism against surreal industrial backdrops. You can see the full deck here.

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