Light Sleeper: Poems

Light Sleeper is Coleman Stevenson’s third book of poetry. Mysterious yet inviting, Stevenson’s newest collection explores the enigmas of love, loneliness, and memory through an alchemical lens. Simmering in these poems lies the constant, aching enormity of loss -- the dissolution of relationships, the ruins of love, lost childhood, the impossible search for greater connection -- by a mind in the throes of transformation. In poems that are startlingly tender yet sharply scientific, tarot-infused images play with subjective conceptions of memory and how the past continues to linger in the present.


“Existing somewhere between a grimoire and a naturalist’s most intimate diary, Light Sleeper is a profound and scintillating interior journey from a singular, alchemical mind." -Stephanie Adams-Santos, author of Swarm Queen's Crown


Published by Deep Overstock Press, 2020.

The Dark Exact Tarot Guide
Expanded Edition

ISBN-13: 978-0-9992520-5-5

This guidebook is for anyone wanting to learn the Tarot or deepen their Tarot practice. Use it as a general interpretation guide for any standard deck while also exploring the unique symbolism of the Dark Exact Tarot. Patterns and narratives within the cards are examined in a variety of forms, with    special attention paid to the Fool’s Journey of the Major Arcana. This Expanded Edition offers more detailed discussion of reading practices and includes extended card descriptions, additional charts, symbolic correspondences for the cards, and spreads for reading.

zymoglyphic color studies
Color Studies of the Zymoglyphic Region

Includes the full series exploring the exhibits in the Zymoglyphic Museum in Portland, OR.

The monoprints and corresponding text depicte the museum contents through abstract color studies and attempt to show the beautiful decay of all things over time, a main tenet of the Zymoglyphic theory. The images are presented in this book like a facsimile of a found field notebook to further enhance that historical quality.  View some pages from this book here.

spread book cover.jpg
A Small Collection of Specialized Spreads

by a group of fine card readers from around the world

Volumes One & Two currently available


ISBN 978-0-9992520-4-8

A book of spreads for reading any type of divination deck...

This book is a compilation of unique, useful layouts for reading cards, as well as approaches to studying or using the cards in other deep, creative ways. The content consists of original spreads by unconventional readers from around the world, as well as new and classic spreads by Coleman Stevenson of The Dark Exact. including her exploration of the Fool’s Journey in spread-form. The layouts for each of the Major Arcana cards offer another way for readers to connect with and explore each tarot archetype. The spreads and exercises in this book range from simple to complex so readers of all experience levels might find them useful.

METAPHYSIK Essays & Exercises


The Metaphysik deck by artist Daniel Martin Diaz is a tool for problem solving that helps users engage more deeply with their intuitive and imaginative selves. The cards can be used in a variety of ways, individually or pieced together like a puzzle, to explore different modes of thinking and overcome creative blocks. Metaphysik’s evocative imagery is an invitation to a strange new world where experiences of the mystical in the midst of everyday life inspire users to defy expectations, free themselves to make unexpected connections, and uncover a more expansive view of reality. The deck is accompanied by a book of essays by poet and artist Coleman Stevenson, musings on the concepts of connection and creativity. Readers are invited to think about the ways they access information, form ideas, and communicate those ideas to others. The essays are followed by a set of corresponding exercises, ways of interacting with the Metaphysik cards to explore their compositions. Diaz’s illustrations that inspired these essays and exercises are interspersed throughout the pages of the book, offering readers additional opportunities to connect with a world of mystery and imagination.



"Breakfast. Washing the dishes. Gardening. Home. Nature. The weather. Coleman Stevenson takes the prosaic and transforms it with unexpected, yet true-feeling juxtapositions — ‘rainbows, gasoline halos’ — and philosophical stabs of mystic aloneness: ‘Some stones slide easily across a pond / some sink’; ‘You keep me like a secret, even from yourself.’ Her work vibrates everywhere with life and loss: part elegy, part dying to be born again. She herself claims at one point to be ‘held together by lightning’. Her poetry is that illuminating force striking right through and out of her." -Mark Mordue, author Dastgah: Diary of a Head Trip, and Tender Prey: a Biography of Nick Cave

The Accidental Rarefication of Pattern #5609

ISBN 978-0-983-2987-5-5

"Coleman Stevenson's debut collection, The Accidental Rarefication of Pattern #5609, is a bit more linear, with roots in the physical world. For instance: "a film of decomposition sped forward/appears to reanimate a dead thing/the body of the little fox frantic with ants,/the saprobic swell of hydrogen and nitrogen,/that nods the head and wags the tail again." But it's not all dark, decaying things; it's also "the animatronic pigeon's lack of a past" making it "perfect"—moments that reflect the careful unpacking of experience."


- Matt Stangel, The Portland Mercury

Quaranzine Anthology

A collection of poems, photos, and art from various contributors. Collected and released during the time of COVID-19. Available as a print or digital book.

All proceeds from sales will go to social justice organizations.