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film still
Lessons in Rotation

​2012, shot on 16mm reversal

A collaboration with Julie Verdini and Blakesley Clapp, originally part of an installation exhibited in The Steve Goldman Gallery with other installation elements, including a book of poetry. The film and book of poems follows the abecedariun form.

A note about inspiration for this project from the back cover of the book:


Hydra have long fascinated biologists with their radial symmetry, regenerative capabilities, and the playful way they move themselves through weedy waters. They do not appear to age or die, but instead to keep looping through life, unfazed by the effects of time, with simple yet effective defense mechanisms and the ability to both reproduce asexually and to re-grow any severed piece of self. Inspired by the mystery of this seemingly simple creature, Lessons in Rotation explores how identities are grown, maneuvered, and regenerated. It is a catalog, alphabetical of course, of various selves within a self – ranging from the shared and recognizable to the hidden and uniquely individual. This text, complete with illustrations and cross-referenced glossary, will prepare you for continued examination of your own locomotion and partnerships of self.


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