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New work in collaboration by Coleman Stevenson & WiL Labelle


Holding the Ghosts is an exploration of the things that haunt us. For this collaboration, text and image artist Coleman Stevenson and ceramic artist  WiL Labelle were inspired by folklore and customs from around the globe involving the containment of spirits in various sorts of manmade containers. In these twelve pairs of images and clay vessels, the housed spirits are  metaphorical— the past experiences, emotions, fears, obsessions, tendencies, addictions, and patterns that influence human behavior. Some vessels lock away malevolent energies of personal demons for our protection; others house benevolent spirits, safekeeping them for future use.

Read about the inspiration and process for this show here. Prints of some images are available. Contact Coleman if interested.

The Spirits (more images coming soon)

The Vessels (more images coming soon)

Collaborative Vessel (bowl by Labelle, decoration by Stevenson)

In the Gallery (more images coming soon)

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