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Inflorescence: the complete flower head of a plant; the arrangement of the flowers on a plant; the process of flowering

The Inflorescence Tarot is a collaboration between artists Michael Armenia and Coleman Stevenson. The essence of each Tarot character and suit, the flowering of all its possibility, is contained in pattern and color. Each inflorescence began with a “seed” image to grow a digitally-rendered bloom. Every part of the whole contains the image of the seed. Language is intentionally spare in this deck. The included booklet lists only a few keywords for each card, and traditional titles are not used. This allows the cards to be approached freshly for personal meditations. Because the deck is constructed like a standard tarot, traditional readers will find it familiar for use in readings as well.

3" x 4" card size, playing card finish
330gsm smooth card stock
79 cards (23 Major Arcana, 56 Minor Arcana) plus title card)
Cards come in rigid 2-part box with mini guide booklet for reading the tarot
ISBN: 978-0-9992520-8-6

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