Two Paths (a collaboration w/ Noelle Suzanne Barce)


Mixed media

An exploration of the poem "I Am Nothing's Mother" by Coleman Stevenson

Part of the exhibition VISIONS at the Walters Cultural Arts Center in Hillsboro, Oregon, June 4 - July 26, 2019. Images on the left side of the following pairs are by Barce, on the right by Stevenson. Read more about the project here.


Poetry Vending Machine


Mixed media

An exploration of the folktale "East O' the Sun and West O' the Moon"


East O' the Sun was an interactive poem project in The Venderia vending machine in which the folktale-inspired poem was spontaneously and unpredictably retold as text cards were sold from the machine slots and others moved up to take their places. Each text card had one of twelve  images enclosed. The image cards were later reproduced as a mini oracle deck with one additional image included, professionally printed with playing card coating. The deck can be used like and oracle deck to examine life’s many situations, solve problems, make decisions, and explore possibilities for the future, but it can also be used for creative exercises and story games. 

Fable Box


Mixed media

An exploration of the fable "The Raven and the Swan"


This assemblage is inspired by case displays at natural history museums, fieldwork materials, and Marcel Duchamp’s Boîte-en-valise & readymades (to a lesser degree, as all these objects were chosen intentionally rather than with indifference). Objects and text work together to suggest a story, but the most important quality is the feeling of studying the existing narrative to devise a formula for altering its course.


NOTE: In my mind, there is no judgment placed on black and white in this design. They do not suggest a struggle between opposing forces of good & evil, or between any two states/races. They are simply a physical representation of what exists and what is desired.


The Negotiation (from The Tenderness Project)

Ink on paper



Artists and writers working in various genres answer the question "How do you make it in America?"

See more at: https://shayla-lawson-258b.squarespace.com/

We Call It Shelter (a collaboration w/ Kyle Aldrich)

Watercolor, Ink


130” x 112”


Working back and forth between word and image, this collaboration began with the word shelter. It poked and prodded at the security we assume our structures provide to our lives and relationships, ultimately arriving at a new personal comfort located in nostalgia and storytelling. The resulting series of vignettes was a branching nest…a series of doors at the end of a long hallway.


Postcard Marring Project (a collaboration w/ various writers and artists)

Email me for information about purchasing the resulting art book.


Pompeii (a collaboration w/ Dale Gronso)

Concrete, Wood, Glass, Acrylic


Individual tiles 3” x 6” x 2”


Pompeii is a collaborative work with the designer Dale Gronso. The sculptures are a reaction to the knowledge and complacent attitude we all have living at the base of an active volcano. The concrete tiles are intended to be installed as a field within outdoor environments. If installed horizontally, accumulation of soil and plant growth is expected to occur in the seams and crevices further reflecting the aftermath of this type of natural disaster. If installed vertically, the flow of water over the façade is intended to move in the same pattern of a volcanic lahar among the suburban neighborhoods.



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