3rd Eye Sundays

Join us for 3rd Eye Sundays, a monthly panel of intuitives using their gifts to answer your urgent questions! The third Sunday of each month, we’ll welcome a rotating panel of guests including intuitive professionals (tarot and oracle readers, specialists in other forms of divination, psychics, energy workers, etc.) as well as other creatives, counselors, and wisefolk. They’ll offer a collective reading for the coming month, then answer personal questions submitted by viewers -- all live on Zoom. This is a unique opportunity for querents to receive various perspectives on their situations at one time, as well as experience different techniques and styles of reading. Participants in the Zoom will be able to ask the panelists questions about their intuitive process as well. Each month we’ll also hold a raffle – one attendee will win a 30-minute individual session with one of that month’s panelists (must be present in the Zoom session to win). Participants will also receive a copy of the original spread created especially for the month’s event.


NEXT EVENT: June 20th, 4pm-5:30pm PST

(Featuring Stephanie Adams-Santos (Tarot Obscuro), Emily Rose (Emily Rose Divination), Brie James (Ritualhaus Wellness), and Coleman Stevenson (The Dark Exact), and hosted by Lauren of WooPDX)


Tiered ticketing now available.

REGISTER: https://thirdeyesundays.com/products/episode-3-june-20th-at-4pm


Forge a deeper connection with your intuition in this 5-week course exploring intuitive processes and symbolism in creative practice. Students will work with the Personal Oracle deck, designed by instructor Coleman Stevenson, to stretch their symbolic awareness and sharpen their creative instincts. The cards and other divinatory methods will be used as prompts for storytelling and other creative writing exercises as well. This is a great class for card readers who want to expand their reading methods to include visual and intuitive reading AND for writers who want to explore alternative composition methods. No prior experience with cartomancy is required. Materials fee for the course includes a copy of the Personal Oracle (Second Edition) and an accompanying journal for exploring the cards.


Wednesdays, August 4 - September 1, 6pm-8pm Pacific

ONLINE through Portland Literary Arts

REGISTER: https://literary-arts.org/event/oracles-intuition-and-creativity/

Jun 20, 2021

Aug-Sep, 2021