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Jun 16, 

Tarot Spread Design Basics
at Ritual+Shelter (IN PERSON CLASS)

When reading tarot and oracle cards, context is everything. A well-designed spread can guide and focus a reading, leading to greater understanding and personal discovery. In this workshop led by Coleman Stevenson of The Dark Exact, we’ll explore what makes a great spread, examine how card meanings shift based on position in different spreads, and practice various methods for constructing our own card layouts. We’ll also have a chance to test our original spreads during class. No experience with creating spreads is necessary, but a working knowledge of card reading is strongly suggested. This class will NOT cover reading basics. Each participant will need a tarot deck of their choice for use during class exercises.

FridayJune 16

7pm – 9pm CT 

Ritual+Shelter (2900 18th Street South, Suite 110 Homewood, Alabama)

Limited to 13 people.

More info HERE  (Contact the shop for registration.)

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