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Jan-Mar 2023


Apr-May 2023

Experiments in Creativity 
through Portland Literary Arts (ONLINE CLASS)

Ideas for art and writing can come from absolutely anywhere if you allow them to. This creative generation class will put that to the test through a series of experiments in creative problem-solving, spontaneous/chance-based play, and other exploratory prompts that challenge you to work outside your normal modes and investigate how the creative brain works. Prior to the start of this series of classes, each participant will receive a unique packet of random materials in the mail. In-class exercises and weekly assignments will ask you to work with these materials in various ways, including an opportunity to create collaboratively at a distance. You’ll also keep a weekly journal detailing your personal process and ideas about creativity. As support for this process, we will read and discuss essays by artists and writers about the creative process. Creators working in any medium are welcome, though you will be asked at times to cross genres. Also welcome is anyone who feels that they are “not a creative person.” This class will help you find the creative spark within. Materials fee includes all materials for class projects.

Wednesdays, Jan 25-Mar 1, 5-7pm PT

Online through Zoom

Register HERE

Wildflower Talismans: Making the Most of Spring’s Reawakening
through Seagrape Apothecary (ONLINE CLASS)

Wildflower Talismans: Making the most of Spring’s reawakening

Spring is coming, and with it renewed hope for the warmth and bounty of the growing season. The early botanical markers of spring encourage dormant pieces of ourselves to reemerge as well. This four week class will explore ways we can link these ephemeral spring symbols with our own experiences, bolstering our hopes for the rest of the year. We’ll start with a ritual and tarot reading for the Equinox, then I’ll share some folklore and magical properties of a few of my most cherished spring wildflowers, and recount the encounters I’ve had with them in the wild. Each student will have an opportunity to engage in their own fieldwork project, choosing a plant to work with for the remainder of class and beyond.

Participants will need a tarot deck, a notebook for collection exercises, pen/pencil (and potentially other illustration materials of their choosing), and, if possible, a magnifying glass.

Tuesdays, March 21, 28, April 4, 11

Noon – 2pm PT

Online through Zoom

Register HERE

Little Things: A Study of Literary Compression


“It’s the little things that count”; “Good things come in small packages”; “Brevity is the soul of wit”; “The Devil’s in the details”… We’ll put these aphorisms to the test in this Delve Seminar exploring short poems, prose poetry, and short/micro fiction. These compressed forms aren’t lacking for content in their brevity, and we will explore ways of extracting their compressed contents like we would with zip files, expanding them like dry sponges in water, receiving the full communications of their code like expert cryptographers. We’ll also try writing a few small pieces of our own to learn through direct experience just what makes them tick. Authors we’ll read include Emily Dickinson, Russell Edson, Lucille Clifton, William Carlos Williams, Matsuo Bashō, and many more.

Mondays, Apr 10-May 15, 5:30-7:30pm PT

Online through Zoom via Literary Arts Delve Seminars

Register HERE

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