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Push, Pull, Speak, Sing

In this experimental writing class, we will wrench as many possibilities as possible out of one piece of writing, seeing what our various changes – subtle, extreme, and chance-based – can reveal about that piece’s potential. Each participant will bring one selection of writing (a poem or a very short piece of fiction or essay) to which new treatments will be applied each week. This is more than just a revision workshop; it is a chance to explore other genres, embrace hybridity, and find more depth in your writing style. That said, these many ways of approaching the same work should result either in finding its truest voice or completing an unconventional series/sequence.


Portland Literary Arts

Date/time/registration COMING SOON

Personal Oracles
(ONLINE CLASS through Morbid Anatomy)

Ever take out your cards to read and wish they were speaking more specifically to your life? In this class, we will create truly personal oracles, decks that come directly from us – our experiences, cultures, thoughts, fears, hopes – to communicate back to us immediately relevant information for self-study, problem solving, and spellwork. We’ll begin by discussing what makes an oracle deck function, then design a system that can be personalized by each participant in the class—your life and your art in the cards. In the weeks that follow, we will explore some basic principles of visual design and how they can help you communicate your ideas most effectively. You'll interact with other participants as your visual system develops, and have an opportunity to test your completed oracles out in readings with others. Each student will leave this 8-week class with a completed 10-card oracle deck and accompanying guide booklet for personal use (or to build on further if the aim is to eventually publish a deck for use by others).

This class is ideal for artists who want to explore the esoteric and magicians who want to broaden their creative practices in connection with their occult craft. No specific artistic or magical background is required for this class, but some prior experience reading cards will be helpful (beginner level is fine). Artist materials are the choice of each student; participants are welcome to design digitally or using any tangible medium they like (paint, collage, illustration, etc.). Materials and scale will be discussed during the first session.

Dates and time TBA.

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