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Planetary Hours includes three new series by Coleman Stevenson exploring the alchemical process, in particular its allusion to a "ladder of planets" guiding the seeker's ascent through the Great Work. Each series expresses the personalities of the seven classical celestial bodies, each of those representing a stage in the alchemical progression, through the use of color, botanical references, and other planetary correspondences. These abstract works vary in medium and method, including ink, paint, and printmaking techniques of linocut and monotype. Much of the content was channeled during work sessions aligned with the hours of the planets associated with individual pieces.

March - May, 2020

Mortlake & Company, Seattle Washington


Delve Readers Seminar ***NOW ONLINE***

This Delve Seminar explores the common human experiences of redemption and epiphany and the role that ritual can play in ushering in such profound moments. Through our texts, we’ll examine how ritual can be used to protect societal structures as well as shift culture, how the tension between what has been and what might be leads to necessary conflict within the self, and how the power of acute experience ushers in clarity and the capacity for change. We will read two novellas, The Dead by James Joyce and Babette’s Feast by Isak Dineson (Karen Blixen), and a selection of short stories and poems by Alice Walker, John Gardner, Raymond Carver, and others. Participants are responsible for purchasing their texts. Upon registration, participants should acquire the two texts mentioned here; details about supplemental readings will be provided before the first session.

Wednesdays, August 5-26, 2020

Time: 6pm-8pm

This is an online class using the Zoom platform. Seats are still limited to allow group discussion.

Register at: https://literary-arts.org/event/delve-online-ritual-redemption-and-epiphany/


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