Bringing Down the Heavens

This show features two individual series by artists Annie Perkins Rosenberg and Coleman Stevenson that overlap in subject matter, offering two distinct views on a common theme: concepts of the Cosmos. Both artists’ work is informed by intuitive energies, forms, and visions of the classical planets. Perkins Rosenberg’s contribution is a nine-piece series focusing on the Ptolemaic system of planets. This series focuses on what registers first, intuitively before knowing history. When one is in tune with nature and its frequencies, the same images, forms and visions can arise. These pieces carry that to paper then explore the past for verification from ancient ancestors. Characters explored are Earth, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Fixed Stars. Stevenson’s series features the seven classical planets presented in the alchemical order (often referred to as the “ladder of planets”). Color is the dominant force in these pieces as each painting attempts to express the personality of one of the seven spheres and its corresponding alchemical operation. They are also invitations to the planetary forces to act as guides in her life, with spells embedded in the works through magical writing and with all marks made on these intuited in the hours ruled by each planet. Added to these are two new pieces created to correspond with Earth and the Fixed Stars. The artists have also collaborated on one additional piece for this exhibition, a unified vision of the Cosmos that incorporates both of their unique styles.


April 1-25

Ghost Gallery

1111 E. Pike St, Ste B,

Seattle, WA 98122

View the show online: https://ghostgalleryshop.com/bringing-down-the-heavens

3rd Eye Sundays

Join us for 3rd Eye Sundays, a monthly panel of intuitives using their gifts to answer your urgent questions! The third Sunday of each month, we’ll welcome a rotating panel of guests including intuitive professionals (tarot and oracle readers, specialists in other forms of divination, psychics, energy workers, etc.) as well as other creatives, counselors, and wisefolk. They’ll offer a collective reading for the coming month, then answer personal questions submitted by viewers -- all live on Zoom. This is a unique opportunity for querents to receive various perspectives on their situations at one time, as well as experience different techniques and styles of reading. Participants in the Zoom will be able to ask the panelists questions about their intuitive process as well. Each month we’ll also hold a raffle – one attendee will win a 30-minute individual session with one of that month’s panelists (must be present in the Zoom session to win). Participants will also receive a copy of the original spread created especially for the month’s event.


NEXT EVENT: April 18th, 4pm-6:30pm PST

(Featuring Yámawe of Millennial Soul Food, Elfie Kalfakis of White Owl Mystic, Xavier Frye of Lion Light Worker, and Coleman Stevenson of the Dark Exact, and hosted by Lauren of WooPDX)


REGISTER: https://woopdx.com/pages/3rd-eye-sundays

Delve Seminar: Versions, Erasures, & Omissions

In this Delve we will compare versions of Raymond Carver’s short stories published originally in the collection titled What We Talk About When We Talk About Love (1981), edited by Gordon Lish, and the collection titled Beginners (2009) which contains the same seventeen stories restored to Carver’s original versions posthumously by his wife, poet Tess Gallagher. Our discussions will revolve around the differences such editorial decisions make in terms of tone and message received by the reader: When these cuts are made, what inhabits the spaces left behind? We’ll also examine other notable examples of altered versions, such as the works of Emily Dickinson in the custody of multiple editors and compilers. We’ll consider the differences between situations involving collaboration of author and editor, posthumous alteration, and self-editing, examining what kinds of biases and cultural phenomena might fuel these various scenarios. We will ask questions such as: What is the difference between editing and writing? What is style and who is responsible for the molding of an author’s voice? and, in Carver’s case, Who really crafted the minimalist style for which he is so well known?


May 5th - Jun 9th, 6-8pm PST


REGISTER: https://literary-arts.org/event/versions-erasures-omissions-raymond-carver/

Apr 1-25, 2021

Apr 18, 2021

May, 2021


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