Works from the Zymoglyphic Museum Residency Program.


Opening reception: September 10, 6pm-9pm Pacific

1122 Gallery


ORACLES and CREATIVITY: Symbolic Systems

In this follow-up to Oracles, Intuition, and Creativity, we will go deeper into our exploration of sets of symbols and how they function as tools for self-study and guides for artistic creation. The class will begin with a brief survey of the history of divination and an analysis of various types of oracles (their art, symbolism, and structures), including a conversation with contemporary oracle designers about their practices. Each participant will then design their own oracle system and write a guide for its use. (No artistic ability is needed for this class, but there will be an opportunity at the end of the five weeks to attend a special session with a hands-on creative component; details will be given in class.) While it is not necessary to have taken the first Oracles class, some basic familiarity with symbolism and/or oracle use will prove helpful.


October 6 – Nov 3, 6pm-8pm Pacific

ONLINE through Portland Literary Arts

REGISTRATION: https://literary-arts.org/event/oracles-and-creativity-designing-your-own-symbolic-system/

Sept  2021

Oct-Nov  2021