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Planetary Hours includes three new series by Coleman Stevenson exploring the alchemical process, in particular its allusion to a "ladder of planets" guiding the seeker's ascent through the Great Work. Each series expresses the personalities of the seven classical celestial bodies, each of those representing a stage in the alchemical progression, through the use of color, botanical references, and other planetary correspondences. These abstract works vary in medium and method, including ink, paint, and printmaking techniques of linocut and monotype. Much of the content was channeled during work sessions aligned with the hours of the planets associated with individual pieces.

March - April, 2020

Mortlake & Company, Seattle Washington


Coniunctio: A Collaborative Printmaking Workshop

with Travis Lawrence & Coleman Stevenson

This workshop will explore artistic collaboration, beginning with a discussion of historical and contemporary examples of artists and writers working in tandem to realize their creative visions. Lawrence and Stevenson will also discuss their own recent collaboration, the process of unifying their individual symbolic languages, and how such work relates to the alchemical journey. Participants will then learn simple methods for making relief prints; each participant will carve a small block to be printed collectively during the workshop. All materials are included in the cost of the class. Participants will take home a copy of the group's collaborative print.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Time: 12:00pm-3:00pm

Mortlake & Company, Seattle Washington

Register: http://www.mortlake.co/specialevents.html

Still & Unstill: Objects and Landscapes as Human Metaphors

This Delve takes place VIRTUALLY at the Portland Art Museum and coincides with the exhibition Volcano!, which marks the 40th anniversary of the eruption of Mount Saint Helens. This Delve will explore museum galleries, pages of books, and the realm of memory, discovering commonalities in ways writers and visual artists recreate human experience through their hyper-realistic descriptions of material objects and natural places. Through a multi-sensory examination of objects, images, and texts, we will become fluent in this symbolic language of concrete detail. We will also look at various ways text and image interact, including how illustration functions as form of creative adaptation of a text, influencing our initial processing of its content, and how personal narratives can reframe familiar works of art.

Thursdays, April 16-May 21, 2020

Time: 6pm-8pm

This is an online class using the Zoom platform. Seats are still limited to allow group discussion.

Register at: https://literary-arts.org/product/delve-spring-2020-still-and-unstill-objects-and-landscapes-as-human-metaphors/

Apr 9 - May 14, 



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