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CURATORS: Aspen Farer and Coleman Stevenson

On the Doppelgänger Museum Catalogue and Collections

The following are excerpts from the Catalogue for the (im)permanent collections of the Doppelgänger Museum, a museum dedicated to displaying translations, reiterations, reimaginings, and evolutions of existing and lost works of art. The works in this collection are known to many, but through the curators’ repeated viewings and discussions, mutations have occurred. This art is accumulating; any of the multitude of contexts in which each original work has been situated (including non-linear time and space) can become a tangible part of the translated pieces held in the Doppelgänger Museum Collections. The mechanism of Time and the act of thinking or talking about works in the collections change the nature of the collections. The curators have attempted to isolate some of these aspects for closer examination through the inclusion of artifacts and archival excerpts in the Catalogue pages. The attached explanations are rather oblique, as it has become impossible to speak of this diaspora in a straightforward manner. Patrons may visit the Doppelgänger Museum at any time by describing, discussing, or dreaming about any existing work of art, even if that conversation remains inside its originator’s head. Acquisitions to the Museum’s Collections are ongoing; works recently accessioned may also be viewed at

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