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About Numina


(Ink, paper, thread)



The planets are also represented in illustrations of herbs over which they are said to rule. These plants are physical manifestations of cosmic energies, available to us here on earth for tangible interaction, another way that above connects to below, and ideas connect to images. These pieces incorporate the technique of crosswriting, a form of magical writing that allows ideas to be expressed and combined, yet to be obscured and protected at the same time. The resulting images appear almost woven like fabric, moving us away from direct sense of language into a more visceral realm of felt ideas. These text panels are loosely stitched to the page below to  retain the airy quality often attributed to communication/the mental realm. Below each one, a sigil for the corresponding alchemical stage described in the text appears. These identifying marks also serve as vessels for the classical planet associated with each stage to inhabit.


Equisetum hyemale (Saturn/Horsetail)


Borago officinalis (Jupiter/Borage)


Artemisia absinthium (Mars/Wormwood)


Matricaria chamomilla (Sun/German Chamomile)


Achillea millefolium (Venus/Yarrow)


Polystichum munitum (Mercury/Sword Fern)


Artemisia vulgaris (Moon/Mugwort)


Universum (All/Cosmos)




(The full text passages are featured in an accompanying chapbook called Planetary Hours, available here.)

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