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The Brooklyn Rail, two poems, September 2022


A Small Collection of Specialized SpreadsVolume Three, The Dark Exact, 2022


Cinepunx, "Anna's Studio," October 2021


The Dark Exact Tarot Guide, Expanded Edition, The Dark Exact, 2021

A Small Collection of Specialized SpreadsVolume Two, The Dark Exact, 2021

Color Studies of the Zymoglyphic Region, The Dark Exact, 2021

Figs & Thistles, two images from the Little Red Riding Oracle Deck, Presbyterian Collage, Spring 2021


Buckman Journal, six text+image works from the Numina series, Issue 005, 2021

Light Sleeper: Poems, Deep Overstock, September 2020

Quaranzine, an anthology by Forest Veil, two poems, May 2020

A Small Collection of Specialized SpreadsVolume One, The Dark Exact, 2020

Metaphysik Essays, published by Daniel Martin Diaz, Spring 2019

Gobshite Quarterly, "Museum of Glass and Bone," Issue 34, Spring 2019


E-ratio Postmodern Poetry, “Nasturtiums,” January 2018


SUSAN/The Journal, “Couldn’t Say and Didn’t, Part 3” and “The Cinnabar Fields,” April 2017


The Portable Boog Reader, “Tell me spring is not"; "The Monsters of Youth Appear Different Now, #2 and #3"; "I Only Wanted You for Your Warmth,” 10th Edition, 2017


The Dark Exact Tarot Guide, The Dark Exact, 2017

Toypoems, “St. Clare Rifles Through a Pile of Receipts,” March 2017


Gramma, “The Tilting Horizon over the World Full of Holes” from The Doppelgänger Museum in collaboration with Aspen Farrer, March 2017


Breakfast: 43 Poems, Reprobate/GobQ Books, 2015

Gobshite Quarterly, No. 96 from Breakfast, Issue 19/20, Fall 2015


Laurel Review, “It was perfectly dark until he taught me to see.” 2015


Gobshite Quarterly, No.76 from Breakfast, Issue 17/18, Winter 2015


Osiris, “Hunters” and No. 9 from Breakfast, Issue 78, 2014


Paper Darts, two sections from Breakfast, March 2014


Gobshite Quarterly, collaborative “Exquisite Corpse,” Issue 15/16, Summer 2014


Henniker Review, four sections from Breakfast, 2014 issue


Common Ground Review, one section from Breakfast, 2014


Hawaii Review, “In the world of Sea Monkeys each undulation makes a wave.,” 2014


Cirque, “Who will not run?” 2013


Hawaii Pacific Review, “Belt, Glove, Umbrella,” 2013


E-ratio Portmodern Poetry, “If you were nearby you’d be singing.,” Vol. 17 (Spring 2013)


Motionless from the Iron Bridge: An Anthology, Bare Bone Books, “What are we to do with so much water between us?” and “What can you do when the bridge is a troll,” April 2013


The Accidental Rarefaction of Pattern #5609, Bedouin Books, 2012

Seattle Review, “Cultivating the Nothing,” Vol. XXVII, No. 1 (2005)


Fireweed, section 6 from “The Flowerwaterers” and “My Mother Cooks Breakfast on a Sunday Morning Before I am Born,” Vol. 14 (Fall 2004)


The Burnside Review, “And Then It Begins as It Always Begins,” Vol. 1, Issue 1 (Summer 2004)


Southern Indiana Review, “The Ghost in My Mother’s Eye,” Vol. 10, No. 2 (Fall 2003)


Mid-American Review, sections 4 and 7 from “The Flowerwaterers,” Vol. XXIV, No. 1 (Fall 2003)


Louisiana Literature, “Getting There,” Spring/Summer 2003


Born Magazine, “Freud’s Girl with a White Dog,” Summer 2001


The Portland Review, “Fortune Teller Miracle Fish,” Summer 2001

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