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The Brooklyn Rail, two poems, September 2022


A Small Collection of Specialized SpreadsVolume Three, The Dark Exact, 2022


Cinepunx, "Anna's Studio," October 2021


The Dark Exact Tarot Guide, Expanded Edition, The Dark Exact, 2021

A Small Collection of Specialized SpreadsVolume Two, The Dark Exact, 2021

Color Studies of the Zymoglyphic Region, The Dark Exact, 2021

Figs & Thistles, two images from the Little Red Riding Oracle Deck, Presbyterian Collage, Spring 2021


Buckman Journal, six text+image works from the Numina series, Issue 005, 2021

Light Sleeper: Poems, Deep Overstock, September 2020

Quaranzine, an anthology by Forest Veil, two poems, May 2020

A Small Collection of Specialized SpreadsVolume One, The Dark Exact, 2020

Metaphysik Essays, published by Daniel Martin Diaz, Spring 2019

ENIGMA Divination Guide, accompanying the game ENIGMA by Daniel Martin Diaz, published by Daniel Martin Diaz, 2019

Gobshite Quarterly, "Museum of Glass and Bone," Issue 34, Spring 2019


E-ratio Postmodern Poetry, “Nasturtiums,” January 2018


SUSAN/The Journal, “Couldn’t Say and Didn’t, Part 3” and “The Cinnabar Fields,” April 2017


The Portable Boog Reader, “Tell me spring is not"; "The Monsters of Youth Appear Different Now, #2 and #3"; "I Only Wanted You for Your Warmth,” 10th Edition, 2017


The Dark Exact Tarot Guide, The Dark Exact, 2017

Toypoems, “St. Clare Rifles Through a Pile of Receipts,” March 2017


Gramma, “The Tilting Horizon over the World Full of Holes” from The Doppelgänger Museum in collaboration with Aspen Farrer, March 2017


Breakfast: 43 Poems, Reprobate/GobQ Books, 2015

Gobshite Quarterly, No. 96 from Breakfast, Issue 19/20, Fall 2015


Laurel Review, “It was perfectly dark until he taught me to see.” 2015


Gobshite Quarterly, No.76 from Breakfast, Issue 17/18, Winter 2015


Osiris, “Hunters” and No. 9 from Breakfast, Issue 78, 2014


Paper Darts, two sections from Breakfast, March 2014


Gobshite Quarterly, collaborative “Exquisite Corpse,” Issue 15/16, Summer 2014


Henniker Review, four sections from Breakfast, 2014 issue


Common Ground Review, one section from Breakfast, 2014


Hawaii Review, “In the world of Sea Monkeys each undulation makes a wave.,” 2014


Cirque, “Who will not run?” 2013


Hawaii Pacific Review, “Belt, Glove, Umbrella,” 2013


E-ratio Portmodern Poetry, “If you were nearby you’d be singing.,” Vol. 17 (Spring 2013)


Motionless from the Iron Bridge: An Anthology, Bare Bone Books, “What are we to do with so much water between us?” and “What can you do when the bridge is a troll,” April 2013


The Accidental Rarefaction of Pattern #5609, Bedouin Books, 2012

Seattle Review, “Cultivating the Nothing,” Vol. XXVII, No. 1 (2005)


Fireweed, section 6 from “The Flowerwaterers” and “My Mother Cooks Breakfast on a Sunday Morning Before I am Born,” Vol. 14 (Fall 2004)


The Burnside Review, “And Then It Begins as It Always Begins,” Vol. 1, Issue 1 (Summer 2004)


Southern Indiana Review, “The Ghost in My Mother’s Eye,” Vol. 10, No. 2 (Fall 2003)


Mid-American Review, sections 4 and 7 from “The Flowerwaterers,” Vol. XXIV, No. 1 (Fall 2003)


Louisiana Literature, “Getting There,” Spring/Summer 2003


Born Magazine, “Freud’s Girl with a White Dog,” Summer 2001


The Portland Review, “Fortune Teller Miracle Fish,” Summer 2001

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