Planetary Hours, solo show, Mortlake and Company, Seattle, WA, March-April 2020


Portals, a new series of drawings, Yes Yes Healing Garden, Portland, OR, September-October 2019

Visions, group show with Noelle Barce, Barbara Martin, & James Halvorson, Walters Cultural Arts Center, Hillsboro, OR, Jun-Jul, 2019

House Spirits, a new series of channeled drawings, T Project Gallery, Portland, OR, April 2019


The Art of the Tarot, a group show, Ghost Gallery, Seattle, WA, February-March 2019


Vessels, new and selected work, Rain or Shine Coffee Gallery, Portland, July 2018


Marrow Tarot, a group show of 78 Tarot artists, Marrow PDX, December 2017


Cursives: New crosswriting and sigilization works, a solo show at The Art Institute of Portland, November 2017


Guest artist, Monster Drawing Rally Fundraiser, Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR, 2017/18


Director, Machine of the Universe, a film screened at Poetry Press Week FA/WI 14, Disjecta, Portland, OR, December 5, 2014


Collaborator on two interactive exhibits for SubRosa, Steven Goldman Gallery, Portland, OR, September 2014


Fable Field Kit, in “Imagined Worlds,” annual AiPD Faculty Exhibit, Steven Goldman Gallery, Portland, OR, August 2014


Collaborator on a paper model for the film Cedar Street by Monica Graves, released March 2014


Collaborator on the installations We Call It Shelter and Pompeii, exhibited as part of the annual Ai Portland Faculty Exhibit in the Steven Goldman Gallery, Portland, OR, July 2013


Collaborator on the exhibit Territories for Focus on Faculty wall gallery at AiPD, Summer 2013


Collaborator on the short film Lessons in Rotation, exhibited as part of “About Face,” an experimental portraiture show in the Steven Goldman Gallery, Portland, OR, January 5-28, 2012


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