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Vessels is an accumulation of ideas about human nature and their corresponding concepts in the natural world. Each piece muses on ways the hollow of an empty vessel has the potential to be filled. For example:

Language is a vessel for ideas

A page is a vessel for words

A shape is a vessel for image

A book is a vessel for knowledge

A flask is a vessel for alchemical transformation

Plants are vessels for medicine

A body is a vessel for action

Poems are vessels for the unsayable

A spell is a vessel for desire

Visually inspired by illuminated manuscripts, ancient alchemical works, and motifs from the Tarot, these illustrations also incorporate techniques of crosswriting and sigilization, two forms of magical composition. These experiments with the shape of language allow the layered text to become image, a method that both obscures and manifests. Part picture, part poem, part spell, the resulting weavings of text, shape, and object are meant to be experienced like pages in a codex – collected content loosely joined together for the sake of preservation.

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