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February 2018

Last month's reading explored the importance of increasing self-knowledge and bringing together different aspects of self into harmony. This month the Strength card adds to that discussion; being secure in our identity allows us to approach the world with courage, compassion, and understanding instead of fear and aggression. This type of inner strength is often a more helpful resource for navigating the world than brute force. Explore the full reading here.

Featured deck: The 9th Dimension Tarot by St. Croix, illustrated by Katherine Yurica. This out-of-print 1971 deck is actually a later version of the 1969 Mont-Saint-Johns Astral Tarot deck, which featured Yurica's illustrations in black and white only. This deck uses abstracted human figures in the Major Arcana and court cards, and expressive pip cards for the rest of the Minor Arcana. 

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