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July 2018

The Hanged Man brings a new perspective this month, one that has you seeing your old patterns clearly and deciding it’s time to release the ones that have you trapped. This might feel like a sacrifice at first, but try to see it as an opportunity. Look at the figure’s face on this card – it is calm and serene, not alarmed or fearful. His hands are behind his back, but we don’t know that they are actually tied. This inverted position isn’t forced; it’s a choice, a choice to shake things up. It’s easy in day to day life to feel like you are the center of the world, but the world is huge and contains so many people with so many ideas of how life should be lived. What might you be keeping yourself from experiencing by not expanding your worldview? Read more about the Hanged Man and explore the weekly cards here.

This month I'll be reading with the Morgan-Greer deck, illustrated by Bill Greer under the direction of Lloyd Morgan, originally published in 1980. You can explore the full deck here.

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