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December 2018


The final card in my 2018 year reading, representing the month of December, is the Empress. Caring and creativity are in the forefront as we close out this year of self-examination. What’s changed for you over the course of this year?? If the cards have been right, your faith that you can keep an internal balance has been strengthened after being challenged repeatedly these past months. Now that you understand the fluctuations of existence, it’s time to enjoy some sense of stability. Consider a new creative project or a collaboration this month. Find ways you can bolster your inner strength by nurturing others who are on quests of their own. See how the sigil on this card leans into connection, extending its reach towards whatever is waiting? Bring more life into your world in some way. For me, that’s art,  plants, and teaching classes.  I’ll literally be planting seeds this month, ones that need to over-winter. But the seeds of new ideas are already sprouting inside me as well. I’ll follow up with a card each week to give us all ideas for how to accomplish this goal. And thank you to everyone who followed along with these readings all year!

DEC. 2-8

I’ve decided to do the December reading with my East O’ the Sun Oracle, and for this week I pulled the Silver Bell. In my guide booklet I define the Silver Bell as: summoning; desire; service. That’s an interesting fit with our monthly theme card the  (which often deals with service to others) but also the specific question I asked: How can each of us bring more life into our world? In the folktale this deck is based on the heroine is given a little silver bell to ring when she needs something and is magically supplied with whatever she desires even without having to articulate what that is. I think this means that we need to find a way to ask for what we need and want. This card of summoning implies an invitation being made, a state of receptivity. If no one knows you’re open, no one knows to come in. A beautiful chance for collaboration exists if connection can be made. Bells are often used in summoning spells, so make up one of your own. Ring your bells, people!! Make the request and see what follows.

Dec. 9-15

The Gloomy Forest can signify loss and regret, being lost or suffering retribution.  It seems in the current context like there are doubts about being deserving enough or capable enough to be part of making anything new. But creativity often emerges from this sort of darkness inside. The act of making art can be a way to atone, to clear through the turmoil inside, to create something thriving from what seemed a purely destructive force. The forest is a system where life and death are in a constant collaboration. Destruction fuels creation. In the fairytale that I based this East O’ the Sun Oracle on, the heroine finds herself alone in the dark forest, lost and impoverished as a result of her actions. Instead of withering on the spot, she begins a long, complicated journey to fix the mistakes she made. It requires a lot of creativity to succeed, and through this process she learns about herself, emerging from the adventure a more capable person. If this week challenges you, use those challenges as inspiration. Like Bob Ross said, “We don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.” That’s a good way to keep yourself going. Whatever happened was necessary to move you to a new level of action and creation. Ross also said that “you need the dark in order to show the light,” which every painter trusts, and we should too. Hauntingly enough, he also said that “trees cover up a multitude of sins,” so I’m officially declaring this Bob Ross week, and encouraging us all to grapple with what’s in our dark wood to bring it out into the light, transformed.

Dec. 16-22

This week’s card, on the December theme of The Empress, gives another answer to the initial question: What can each of us do to bring more life into our world? The Secret Candle from the East O’ the Sun Oracle answers with ideas of curiosity and discovery, a search for clarity. What do you need to shine more light on in your life? How will this reveal what’s lacking? Interestingly, this card can also signify something forbidden or even a broken promise. How does that usher in new life? Well, in the folktale this deck is based on, the heroine is forbidden to look upon her prince husband (in the form of a bear by day) when he comes into her room at night. Her curiosity is too much. She is not content to be kept in the dark even though if she “behaves” she can have anything else in the world she wants. She holds a candle over him while he’s sleeping, revealing his bewitched human form. A whole lot of trouble is caused by this action, yet had it never happened, she would have missed the chance to learn the extent of her personal strength. It’s worth considering if there’s some sort of promise you’ve made that‘s hurting you as you continue to hold it. When do you need to choose your own desire over another’s in order to get on with your life?

Dec. 23-31

It’s the final card in a year’s worth of readings. It’s been a grand experiment, and I thank you for following along. To close out the year as well as this Empress month, we have West O’ the Moon. This card is about learning subtlety in perception (heightened intuition), in communication, and in action. It’s true, if we observe more closely with all our senses a whole other level of life awaits. Every tiny thing, every expression and gesture, have the ability to communicate care and love. Take nothing for granted. Waste no opportunity. Find hope in unexpected places. Best wishes to you all!!!

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