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About Ladder of Planets

Ladder of Planets

(Ink and paint on paper)



Color is the dominant force in these pieces. Each of the original seven paintings attempts to express the personality of one of the classical planets and its corresponding alchemical operation. They are also invitations to the planetary forces to act as guides in my life. All marks made on these were intuited in the hours rules by each planet. Two additional pieces (Earth and Fixed Stars) were added to this series later, further representing the alchemical concept of "as above, so below."

Prints and postcards are available here.




Burn yourself away.



Dissolve in a flood of expanded awareness.



The will to pull apart and purify.



Joined in the center of the Journey.



A womb, a temple.



Rise and fall, refine and elevate.



Solidify and share. Start again.


My feet on the ground, my head in the Stars.

Fixed Stars/Projection

The poem in this piece is adapted from Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy.

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