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Independent instruction, 2015 - present

Workshops and courses offered by special arrangement as well as through various non-credit institutions, including The Portland Art Museum (Portland, OR), Morbid Anatomy (NYC), Mortlake & Co. (Seattle, WA), and others

(Course topics: poetry writing, hybrid creative thinking, tarot reading, oracle design, etc.)


Portland Literary Arts, 2017 - present

DELVE Readers Seminars and hybrid creative workshops, including classes at the Portland Art Museum

(Course topics: objects and symbolism, Abstract Expressionism, art and poetry, tarot, etc.)

Independent Publishing Resource Center, 2015 - 2022

Certificate Program instructor (Image+Text track) and workshop instrctor (various creative writing topics)


The Art Institute of Portland, 2009 - 2015, 2012-2015

Fulltime instructor, academic advisor, and Tutoring Center supervisor

(Course topics: poetry writing, storytelling through design, cultural studies, design theory)


Portland State University, 2001 - 2004

Adjunt Instructor

(Course topics: poetry writing, literature, folklore)

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